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To guarantee the correct development of the educational experience as well as respect for the people or values of the center, Alcalingua has this mandatory reading and compliance regulation. The document is available for consultation and download on the website.


2. Administrative matters

2.1. Dates and prices

The specific dates and prices for the forementioned courses will be those which appear in the official Alcalingua website: www.alcalingua.com

2.2. Deadline for the registration

The deadline for the registration in the courses of Alcalingua is:

  • 7 days bebore the course starts in case of accommodation booking
  • 1 day if the accommodation booking is not necessary

  • En caso de tener que tramitar el visado, será el tiempo que necesite la embajada para completar el trámite.

Students will start the program on the indicated dates, both for the level test and the courses themselves . Those who wish to begin on a date outside the set calendar will be subject to availability . Under no circumstances will course prices be changed .

2.3. The price of regular courses includes

Enrollment in regular courses includes:

  • Student textbook and exercise booklet
  • Guided tour of the city of Alcalá
  • Language level examination
  • The diploma expedition
  • A student ID card that enables the use of all University facilities, including access to libraries and computer labs
  • Mandatory health insurance

2.4. Visa and Residence Permit Procedures

Those students who need to ask for student visa (D type) in the Spanish Embassy will need an admission letter from the Universidad de Alcalá , which will be dispatched as soon as the student makes the full payment of the course fees .

In this document personal details of the student, passport number and the period of study in Lingua as well as the accommodation address will be certified .

Therefore, the reserved and paid period will appear on the official certificate issued by Lingua to start consular procedures .

2.5. Reimbursement

Alcalingua will discount 10%, (procedures fees), of the received payment in the case that the student visa is denied by diplomatic or consular officials. Prior to such reimbursement, the fol lowing documentation must be presented:

  • Original document of the rejection issued by the Embassy or Consulate.
  • Original documents sent by Alcalingua - Universidad de Alcalá .

There will be no other cause for reimbursement, under any circumstances

2.6. Cancellation Policy

If the student decides to cancel the program once the registration fee has been paid, Alcalingua shall apply one of the following criteria regarding reimbursement:

  • 70% reimbursement if the program is cancelled more than 30 days prior to class start date.
  • 50% reimbursement if the program is cancelled 30 days or less prior to class start date.

No reimbursement will be made once the program applied for has started. In that case, if consular procedures are involved , the Spanish Embassy will be immediately notified in order to refuse a visa request

2.7. Expulsion from the center

A student may be expelled from the center and therefore the current contract it has signed automatically be terminated if their performance is inadequate if:

  • The student causes mental or physical harm to classmates, teachers, other school staff, host familie s, university residences staff or anyone else. 

  • The student causes any physical damage in the building , in the accommodation arranged by Alcalingua or in any place (s)he visits during his / her stay in the school. 

  • The student publicly exhibits racist, sexist or violent attitudes. 

  • The student uses repeatedly inappropriately the services provided by Alcalingua. 

  • The student is involved in legal problems with the Spanish authorities, caused by him / her during his / her period of study in Lingua.

Cancellation Policy In these cases no amount will be refunded the course . The cost of repatriation, payment of damages, if any, and legal assistance, if required, are responsibility of the student . Alcalingua will not take responsability for any economic charge derived from the breach of the regulations .

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